The 50 Worst Things On The Internet In 2013

1. “Suddenly…. Fedora”

2. This tribute to extinct dinosaurs, Paul Walker, Brian Griffin, and Nelson Mandela

3. This brony’s belief that he is genetically part pony

4. The self portraits of Ahmed Angel, the most beautiful man in the world

5. This guy who lost his sister’s college fund left by his dead parents on bitcoin trading

7. These two killer whales

8. This engagement announcement on Facebook

9. This kid’s “Gangnam Style” SpongeBob parody

10. Mpreg Fawnlock (the characters from BBC’s Sherlock as a fawn and pregnant)

11. Dinosaur erotic e-books sold on Amazon


In a land before time, Layla hunts for her tribe. The men belittle and threaten her, a woman who hunts like a man, until, desperate, she sets out alone after the most fearsome beast in the world- a T-Rex.
As she hunts the giant predator, a very special T-Rex is hunting her- this T-Rex has psychic powers and a desire for human flesh. Naked and alone, Layla bargains with the beast: her body for her life.
Can Layla accept the beast’s carnal demands? Can her body accommodate its relentless desire? Can she hold to her part of the bargain? Or will she become the T-Rex’s next meal?


Marga was the Protectress, the city’s leader, charged with defending it against dinosaur attacks. It is her sworn duty to protect her city at all costs, even when a pack of velociraptors attack her and her men at a small, undermanned outpost outside of the city.
The battle is a vicious one, and after a daring maneuver to save a fellow soldier, she finds herself trapped by the pack leader, a powerful male. The creature captures the Protectress and takes her to his cave. Will this raptor make the Protectress his next meal? Or does the beast have different plans for the beautiful warrioress?

12. This dragon dry-humping a hatchback

13. A guy walking around Atlanta’s DragonCon in a Cookie Monster suit with a huge dildo sticking out

14. This transformation

17. This pro-life meme poster

This pro-life meme poster

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18. Paul Walker driving Brian Griffin to heaven

19. Paul Walker offering Nelson Mandela a ride to heaven

20. This mpreg (pregnant man) morph of Paul Walker made on the Mpreg forums after his death

23. This erotic humanoid version of a L’Oréal Kids shampoo bottle

24. This morph of a woman as a My Little Pony fellating a guy in slacks at a party

25. This reasoned argument for why having sex with My Little Ponies is OK

27. This person’s profile description

28. Shadow, Shrek, and SpongeBob as a happy family

29. This Homestuck troll making out with Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk

31. This Photoshop of Michelle Obama

32. Obama slow dancing at the inaguration with a furry

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