Here Are Some Of The Weirdest Places You Can Spend Your Bitcoins

1. A pizza place in Vermont.

At Folino’s Wood Fire Pizza in Shelburne, Vt., Bitcoin is now an acceptable method of payment for your pepperoni pie. The staff, however, doesn’t appear all that pleased about this development.

2. Plastic surgery in Miami.

“As credit cards revolutionized monetary transactions, Bitcoins have the potential to transform eCommerce with its growing tribe of users, and now doctor [sic] are accepting it as valid currency!” reads the enthusiastic press release Vanity Cosmetic Surgery, the “largest cosmetic surgery center in Florida,” put out recently. They say they will start accepting Bitcoin as payment this month.

3. Cannibis seeds for medical/legal purposes.

Legal purposes only.

4. Mediterranean food in New York.

Back in 2011, Meze Grill in Manhattan was a Bitcoin pioneer, accepting the currency for a hummus platter among patrons including, of course, a Bitcoin blogger and Android app developer.

5. A group of pubs in England…


The Individual Pubs Limited group of five watering holes in England allows you to get drunk with the help of Bitcoins.

6. …and you can book your trip there with this online travel agency. claims to be the country’s first online travel agency to accept Bitcoin for booking flights online.

7. Alpaca wool socks.

Yes, because, of course you can.

8. WordPress & Etsy.


WordPress and some Etsy venders accept Bitcoin, among other online ventures.

9. The very first Subway shop.

That’s right, the very first Subway in Allentown, Penn., is now accepting Bitcoin via iPad app Coinbase.

10. And finally…a Virgin Galactic flight to space!

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, file

But, of course, you already knew that.

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