You Can Now Send Actual Sh*t To The Person You Hate Most

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If you want to get anonymous revenge on someone, this is the way to do it.

A new service called Shitexpress allows you to send animal feces to anyone anywhere in exchange for the Bitcoin equivalent of $17.

There have been other services like this, but those companies did not accept Bitcoins.

That means there was a paper trail, which means the recipient of the sh*t could have a way of tracking it back to you.

But, if you’re careful and you use Bitcoins for your purchase, you can ensure your anonymity.

You can choose to send the crap in a plain, unadorned box or you can send it in some fancy packaging if you really want to mess with your nemeses.

For now, the service only ships horse manure, but that should expand to a whole range of animal crap as the company grows.

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