Taylor Swift Just Had Her Instagram And Twitter Accounts Hacked (Photos)



Bad news, T Swift fans. Taylor Swift’s Twitter and Instagram accounts were hacked earlier today.

This is no minor breach as Taylor has 51 million followers on Twitter and the fourth largest account on the social media platform.

The tweets were relatively innocuous as they simply asked her fans to follow two other Twitter users.

One of these users, however, is supposedly the leader of the hacking group Lizard Squad, who seems to be behind this intrusion.

Swift’s Instagram was also broken into and a photo was posted that asked followers to follow someone else who was behind the hack. The photo and the tweets were deleted from the account soon after they were posted.

The hackers have also stated they have nude photos of Swift and are threatening to release them to the public for small Bitcoin payments. However, there is no confirmation of this claim at this time.

Hopefully, we don’t have another “Fappening” type of situation on our hands.

Here are the hacked tweets:



And here’s the hacked Instagram:





Swift then responded on Twitter to the hacks. She specifically addressed the issue of the supposedly stolen nude photos. Here are her tweets:

The perfect response to the hacks:

How Taylor was alerted to the hacks:

Taylor dismissing the idea that there are nudes of her out there:

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