Nude Photo Hacker Claims More Celeb Photos Will Be Released In Exchange For Bitcoins

The world premiere of 'Hunger Games'The world premiere of 'Hunger Games'

The person behind the massive nude photo leak that occurred this weekend is claiming he or she is in possession of more photos of celebrities and is threatening to release them.

Currently, we do not know the identity or whereabouts of the hacker, though many have suspected a man named Bryan Hamade.

Whoever the hacker is, he or she, is being hunted by the FBI and is on the run. The anonymous hacker stated in online message boards that he or she is in the process of changing locations, as not to be found.

The hacker also claimed to leak more of the photos if donations in the form of bitcoin were received in exchange.

Hopefully, the FBI catches this scumbag before more damage is done. Until then, let’s all do the decent thing and not look at those stolen photos ever again.

H/T: The Times of India, Photo Credit: WENN

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