Bitcoin Will Sponsor A College Bowl Game

Not a drill.

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Brett McMurphy / Via Twitter: @mcmurphyespn

Here’s a thing that’s happening in real life: On Dec.26 on ESPN, two very real and not made-up college sports teams will face off in the Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl.

Today the Wall Street Journal reported that BitPay, a Bitcoin payment-processing company and ESPN events reached a deal to rebrand the game through 2016. Previously, the bowl was sponsored by Beef O’Brady’s.

And yes, you will be able to purchase tickets with Bitcoin.

This is our future, people. Get used to it.


Hunter Walk @hunterwalk

@cwarzel @jyarow @McMurphyESPN the game starts at 730pm. No, 5:45. Wait, now 8:15. No 6:21. Oops, 7:54.


“We'd like to sponsor a bowl.” “Great, that'll be $200K.” “Do you take bitcoin?””LOL, no, we need money.”

Ryan Nanni @celebrityhottub

Players at the Bitcoin Bowl will receive:- Film canister full of MDMA- Two unregistered handguns- A federal prosecution

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