‘Bitcoin Gambling Guide’ Pushes Ahead With Over 400 Bitcoin Gambling Platform Reviews

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‘Bitcoin Gambling Guide’ Pushes Ahead With Over 400 Bitcoin Gambling Platform Reviews

Bitcoin Press Release: Established online gambling review platform ‘Bitcoin Gambling Guide’ recently published review number 400,  providing Bitcoin oriented players worldwide with tips for the best and safest online gaming experience.

Since launch 2 years ago online review hub ‘Bitcoin Gambling Guide’ has published more than 400 insightful reviews. Bitcoin Gambling Guide is now the most comprehensive source of information in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency gambling industry.  Bitcoin Gambling Guide found market success by providing a bridge between the internet Gaming industry and Bitcoin. The platform strives to aid the inevitable rise of Bitcoin gambling in the mainstream market by offering an extensive and professional service.

Bitcoin Gambling Guide offers extensive brand reviews, and exclusive interviews with Bitcoin gambling pioneers and CEOs of Bitcoin startups. Providing insights into the different software providers to give Bitcoin aficionados a deeper understanding of the industry’s core. In addition Bitcoin Gambling Guide delivers general information about the industry’s branches. Informative details about Bitcoin casino , poker, dice, blackjack, and even uncommon varieties of Bitcoin betting such as Bitcoin forex and binary options trading are available on the website. Gaming enthusiasts can enjoy daily updated news stories concerning the Bitcoin gambling industry and cryptocurrency-related events significant to the market. All these reviews allow Bitcoin Gambling Guide to fully equip its readers with the knowledge to achieve success.

Bitcoin Gambling Guide’s increasing worldwide readership is not limited to the cryptocurrency savvy. On the contrary one of Bitcoin Gambling Guide’s main goals is to spread the advantages of Bitcoin on a global scale; thus newcomers are presented with basic yet exclusive Bitcoin facts to further aid their journey into the exciting new world of Bitcoin.

With Bitcoin Gambling Guide publishing review number 400 after 2 years in the new and uncharted territory of cryptocurrency gambling, they are now the leading gambling review platform on the web. Digital currency enthusiasts and gamers worldwide can look forward to many more quality reviews, interviews and the latest cryptocurrency gaming news from the industry’s leading Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

About Bitcoin Gambling Guide

Bitcoin Gambling Guide is an online platform dedicated to educating players about Bitcoin and its gambling industry. Apart from Bitcoin gambling, it delivers extensive information about altcoins and the latest brands, events, and achievements in the digital currency landscape.

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Max Keiser’s Investment fund Bitcoin Capital Raises Over $1 Million Through Crowdfunding

Bitcoin investment fund Bitcoin Capital has raised more than $1 million on the equity crowdfunding platform Bnk To The Future, SiliconANGLE reports. At the time of writing, almost 600 investors have bought in, with three days to go until the end of the fundraiser. Fifty percent equity will be split between the investors.

Bitcoin Capital, a high-risk, high-return fund, is run by renowned financial journalist Max Keiser and Simon Dixon, co-founder of Bnk To The Future, an online investment website for crowdfunding small businesses mainly focused on financial innovation. The fund, open to qualified investors who want to speculate on the growth of the cryptocurrency sector, offers a spread of investments covering startups, bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency trading. Each of the three investment lines will have one-third of the fund invested into it.

“Max Keiser has a consistent record of presciently and profitably identifying big trends. He was one of the few media personalities to devote significant coverage to us early Bitcoin evangelists. Watching his new fund’s performance will be very interesting,” said early bitcoin investor and Host of the Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast Trace Mayer.

“Bitcoin Capital is a Cayman Islands tax efficient investment fund for professional investors who want exposure to the growth of Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin and Blockchain technology,” states the Bitcoin Capital website. “One-third of the fund invests in companies in the Crypto Currency and Blockchain sector. For earlier stage startups we have created a completely new model for finding deals to invest in. The startup must first raise finance through CrowdFunding on StartJOIN.com, qualify for Equity CrowdFunding on BnkToTheFuture.com and reach at least 50% of their funding goal from investors before they qualify for Bitcoin Capital to explore investing. They have to prove their traction with the crowd before we explore the Investment proposition.”

Besides seed funding to blockchain startups, Bitcoin Capital invests one-third of all funds in mining, which is used exclusively to pay daily dividends to investors (in bitcoin) for as long as the mining process is profitable. The remaining third of the fund is invested in cryptocurrencies and digital tokens.

“We invest in longer term growth coins where we believe in the story rather than short term coin speculation,” notes the website.

“At the same time as investors benefiting from any growth of the sector, we are able to offer investors daily dividend determined by the mining process,” said Dixon. “We are able to do all the geeky things like running mining rigs in Iceland and buying coins on exchanges that investors who are new to the sector are unable to do. Thanks to our experience and involvement in the sector from very early on we are able to combine these new models of finance together.”

Keiser hosts Keiser Report, a financial program broadcast on Russian state media channel RT, a weekly show about finance and markets on London’s Resonance FM, and writes for The Huffington Post. An outspoken Bitcoin activist, Keiser stated in an interview that he would base the entire economy on the digital currency.

“I have been critical of the traditional financial system for many years on my show,” said Keiser. “I was the first global news outlet to cover bitcoin when it was trading at $3, recognizing its potential to change the world. Many startups in the Bitcoin space credit Keiser Report for getting them started in the business. Bitcoin Capital allows the founders and investors to experiment with new crypto financial business models and currencies to transform global finance.”

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How 400,000 People Are Gradually Adopting Bitcoin in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, a city of about 400,000 residents in the heart of Israel, is considered one of the leading cities in the world in Bitcoin adoption. For new bitcoiners, Tel Aviv is like a dream come true; it has everything you need to get started with the digital currency.

For starters, the Israeli Facebook Group “Israeli Bitcoin” has more than 4,500 members. The group is extremely active and friendly to newcomers.

Also, for those who wish to hear an active stream of lectures about the Bitcoin ecosystem there is the Israeli Bitcoin Meetup Group. The group gets together roughly twice a month inside the Google Campus on the outskirts of Tel Aviv. The group has more than 1,800 members, and on average you can find 30-50 people in each meetup.

But Tel Aviv is not all about lectures and theory; it’s a city that also puts Bitcoin into practice. The Bitcoin Embassy is a place where Bitcoin entrepreneurs get together to work on Bitcoin-related projects. It’s located in the heart of Tel Aviv’s financial district, amid major banking institution headquarters and across the street from the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. It is also a place the community can use to organize different Bitcoin-related events.

“The Embassy, as we call it, is the home of a large community of people from all walks of life, hosting lectures, courses, tutorials, and even the GBA meetings. It provides an open office setting that anyone can use along with a fully stocked fridge and coffee machine. Many consider the Embassy as the Parthenon of Bitcoin.”

– Eli Sklar, Bitcoin Ambassador


Every Sunday, two events occur at the embassy. The first is the Satoshi Square where Bitcoiners get together to trade bitcoin and discuss different matters. The second is a bitcoin security workshop for beginners.

The Israeli Bitcoin Association (IBA) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to ensure that the people of Israel will benefit as much as possible from Bitcoin technology. They hold board meetings at the embassy and also are in charge of leading the Bitcoin meetups. The IBA currently has 150 registered members.

The IBA deals with regulatory issues regarding bitcoin in Israel, spreading the word about the digital currency and supporting users, businesses and researchers. The board is elected through a democratic voting process of all of the IBA members.

For us, bitcoin isn’t just bitcoin – all open trade technologies are within our scope … One of our core values is transparency. We are among the rare organizations that videotape and upload for public viewing all of our board meetings, allowing everyone to see exactly what is going on.”

– Meni Rosenfeld, chairman of the IBA

There are four bitcoin ATMs located throughout Tel Aviv. Out of a total of 150 businesses that accept bitcoin in Israel there are almost 50 brick-and-mortar stores that accept bitcoin as payment in the city. The businsess include kindergartens, tattoo parlors, lawyers and even one car repair shop. Since Tel Aviv also has a great nightlife, out of these 50 businesses, 15 are bars and restaurants.

Throughout the past year, there have been two notable Bitcoin events in Tel Aviv. The first was Inside Bitcoins Tel Aviv, which was held last year in October. For two days, 350 participants attended lectures from key people such as Vitalik Buterin, Peter Todd and Meni Rosenfeld.

“As Israel is a live and kicking Bitcoin hub … we thought it would be a great place to host a large-scale international event… indeed and it was a great success!”

– Nimrod Gruber, event organizer.

The second event was the Bitcoin Hackathon conducted in Israel in March. One hundred participants attended the hackathon, and almost half of them stayed up all night building decentralized apps.

“The purpose of the Hackathon was to expose new entrepreneurs, designers and developers to the opportunities within Bitcoin and the blockchain, and indeed some of the teams had their first acquaintance with Bitcoin in the event itself.”

– Reuven Palatnik, Hackathon co-organizer

Tel Aviv is becoming the leading city for bitcoin adoption in Israel and perhaps in the whole Middle East. While the number of participants in the Bitcoin scene may seem small at first glance, it should be remembered that the entire population of Israel is only 8 million.


Images courtesy of The Bitcoin Embassy.

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