How Bitcoin Blocks Work

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How Bitcoin Blocks Work
… a common ledger shared by all Bitcoin nodes which details the owner of each bitcoin, or fraction thereof. When you keep your money at a bank and want to invest in stocks, bonds, precious metals, or other forms of investments – you need to go through a …

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Philippines Rides the Emerging Bitcoin Wave
The practically non-existent start-up ecosystem in Philippines has suddenly sprung to life. Thanks to the bitcoin revolution, the number of start-ups, particularly cryptocurrency related ones is increasing from the past couple of years. The success of

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How Bitcoins Work and Why Your Agency Should Accept Them
If bitcoin can be created by computers without you doing any work, you might wonder why it has any value. That’s your BitCoin address, thing you give people so they can send you the money. Subsequently, the value of bitcoins skyrocketed to over $1000 per …