Bloomberg Brief Does Bitcoin

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Bloomberg Brief Does Bitcoin
Bitcoin is treated as a dirty word in many circles, but it may be gaining ground. At the very least, the digital currency and technology that underlies it are getting an increasing amount of attention. Bloomberg Brief published on Thursday a special report …

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NASDAQ Ups Its Blockchain Game
NASDAQ isn’t necessarily after bitcoin, but it is looking to use the tech behind the digital currency. Now, the New York Stock Exchange group says it’s planning to rollout multiple trials of how the blockchain — the public distribution ledger that …

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Official ‘Life on Bitcoin’ Documentary Trailer Released – CoinDesk


Official 'Life on Bitcoin' Documentary Trailer Released
Also included are interviews with bitcoin luminaries such as Jeffrey Tucker that aim to perhaps exaggerate the government's supposedly hostile stance toward digital currencies, and scenes that showcase the couple persuading merchants to accept bitcoin.
'Life on Bitcoin' Trailer Has Finally Come Out on Official WebsiteCoinspeaker

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Bitcoin Center Opens in Brazil’s Capital City – CoinDesk


Bitcoin Center Opens in Brazil's Capital City
The announcement marks the fourth physical location to open under the Brazil-based bitcoin and litecoin brokerage's brand in the last year. BitcoinToYou aspires to launch bitcoin centers across Brazil that can serve as meeting places for enthusiasts in
BitcoinToYou Expands, Opens a Center at Brasilia, the Capital City of

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New York Stock Exchange Gives Bitcoin Some Mainstream Love – TIME


New York Stock Exchange Gives Bitcoin Some Mainstream Love
The New York Stock Exchange premiered a bitcoin index on Tuesday, giving an important endorsement to the digital currency that could help give it more mainstream credibility. NYSE President Thomas Farley couched the announcement in terms of meeting …
New York Stock Exchange begins monitoring bitcoin valueEngadget
Old-school NYSE creates a new bitcoin indexMashable
You can now track Bitcoin on the New York Stock ExchangeBusiness Insider
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Simon Fraser University embraces Bitcoin
VANCOUVER — Will that be debit or Bitcoin? A BC university has started accepting the digital currency Bitcoin at all of its bookstores, allowing customers to open their mobile wallets in what’s believed to be a first for post-secondary institutions in …